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 Coordination Meeting of Nepal SDGs Forum

NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) has organized a coordination meeting of Nepal SDGs Forum on 12 April 2017. The main purpose of this meeting was to discuss on implementation aspect of SDGs in the country. Representatives of constituencies, thematic groups, and INGO were the participants of this meeting. All together there were 35 organizations in this meeting including NFN officials.

Mr. Milan Dharel, the Central Committee Member of NFN gave the welcome speech and informed about agendas of the meeting along with sharing of NFNs engagement in various programmes of SDGs. He also facilitated whole session. The first session started with the introduction of the participants along with their activities on SDGs and role they are playing to achieve those goals.

The discussion followed a participatory approach- Mr. Bhola Bhattarai from National Forum for Advocacy Nepal (NAFAN) shared about the Asia Pacific CSO Forum on Sustainable Development, which was convened on 26-28 March in Bangkok. According to him there should be orientation before attending such international conference so that the participants will be clearer about the agendas and could keep their voice and view. Following this discussion session Ms. Tika Dahal from National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFDN) focuses on the delegation and dialogue discussion on SDGs. Mr. Anish Shrestha from Karnali Integrated Development Center (KIDC) was one of the participants of the Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD) held 29-31 March in Bangkok organized by UN-ESCAP. He mentioned that participation from Nepal was strong but the reflection of CSOs was weak. He also focused on the preparation of position paper. Similarly Mr. Sushil BK and Ranjana Giri shared their views.

Mr. Daya Sagar Shrestha, Executive Director of NFN shared that government has issued 14th plans and all SDGs have been incorporated in five dimensions: Economic, Social, Political, environmental and cross-cutting agendas. He has also shared about the high level bodies formed by government for the purpose of implementation of SDGs in the country including National Steering Committee headed by Prime Minister, Implementation Coordination and Monitoring Committee and 9 thematic committees.

Later on, there was discussion on Voluntary National Review Process, which was facilitated by Ms. Bhawana Bhatta. Discussion was focused on initiatives taken by government on review process and its preparation to participation in High Level Political Forum 2017. The meeting was concluded with a remark of Mr. Gopal Lamsal, president of NFN.

The meeting decided to work out on indicators of indicators. Each focal organization of constituencies and thematic groups will coordinate the meetings and identify indicators in national context. They will lobby with ministries and thematic working groups of NPC/GON for their incorporation in government document as government is preparing a baseline report on SDGs. Meeting has also decided to prepare a national status report on SDGs' implementation. Constituency and thematic groups will draft their reports by the end of May. NGO Federation of Nepal will compile the reports and develop a country status report on behalf of civil society perspective. The meeting remained really insightful in the sense that it provided with an opportunity to listen to and record diverse and differing viewpoints of the participants.