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SDG 6 National Dialogue

 NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) is the umbrella organization of all the NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)  of the Country. It has proved as the best platform of the NGOs/CSOs on which they jointly formed coalition by elected members to upheld the sustainable development symphony; NFN has been contributing as secretariat of Nepal SDGs Forum formed out of the CSOs of the Country and also is working as focal organization of SDG of the Country and also aggressively advancing SDG 6 together with Water Aid Nepal (WAN). It has been organizing series of activities relevant to sensitization, designing and implementation of the SDGs. The program "Right to Water and Sanitation-Localization of the WASH SDGs" organized in collaboration with FEDWASUN and in the financial support of the WAN Nepal on 28 March, 2019 at Hotel Himalaya, Kupandole, Lalitpur in the remarkable presence of Hon. Ms. Bina Magar, the Minister of Water Supply, GoN. This program is intended to disseminate the WASH SDGs in the Provincial and Local tier governments. It was discussed how the localization of the SDGs of WASH can be strengthened; the roles and jurisdiction of the three tiers governments in the materialization of them in their periodic development plans. The personnel, experts and freelancer in the field of the WASH in the Country put forwarded their view points on the SDGs of the WASH. Basically, the strategies & measures noted down for the materialization and localization of the WASH SDGs in the program.