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UNOCHA Director Visits NFN




Director of Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations (UN-OCHA) Mr John Ging visited office of the NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) on Wednesday and held a brief meeting with NFN President Ms Sharmila Karki regarding post-disaster initiatives of the civil society in Nepal. Mr Ging was on Nepal visit to observe UN agencies' role in Nepal after post disaster situation. He visited NFN with a team accompanied by UN Resident Coordinator in Nepal Mr Jamie McGoldrick.

During the meeting, NFN President Ms Karki briefed that NFN, as a lead civil society organization focused to the communication, coordination, advocacy regarding relief, rescue and rehabilitation in the aftermath of April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. Stating that engagement of CSOs was unprecedented in humanitarian support, she further informed that NFN was closely working with development partners including UN agencies. At the same time, she stressed that the government of Nepal should create enabling environment to engage CSOs in the recovery and reconstruction of Nepal while rampant mobilization of fund from external institutions and their direct implementation in programme operation must be checked.


In response Mr. Ging apprised that Nepal needs to put the things in system as the generosity has been demonstrated towards Nepal for support after the calamity. He further said that the government of Nepal should create conducive environment to for humanitarian institutions to work. "We appreciate the role of civil society and NGO Federation has played in the aftermath of quake, We hope things will be built back better," he said, "Nepal has good reputation in the world and we are inspired with the resilient culture of Nepalese people,". He stressed on the role of national NGOs as the backbone of recovery and reconstruction works.



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