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Platform HD2010

Platform HD2010- We the People

“Towards a People’s Multilateralism”

 Keeping in view ‘We the People’ agenda and increasing needs for civic engagement, the UNDP took a lead and started a civil society initiative by setting up Platform HD2010. The initiative includes consultation with CSOs and strategic partnership with CSOs to launch citizen centric program to monitor accelerated MDGs achievements.  Platform 2010 provides a space to engage with civil society actors at multiple levels and areas to generate critical debate and perspectives on emerging vision of ‘Inclusive Multilateralism’, governance and accountability and civic engagement in human development and the Millennium Development Goals.

In the context of Nepal the major focus under Platform HD2010 are to address or look after the issues like inequalities, partnerships between civil society, private sector, local authorities and national governments and strategies for poverty eradication and universal access to education, health services, decent work and social protection issues. Though both UNDP and CSOs in Asia have a scope to influence change towards human development but achieving this objective, both have to focus on ‘We the People’ theme. Focus should also be given on creating balance in development and power structure that create democratic spaces for people. The Platform focuses to achieve the goal of human development in Asia and the Pacific which has been facing consequences of the four ‘F’ crises – Fuel, Finance, Fiscal and Food.

The Platform HD2010 will:

  • Create and increase spaces for the articulations of civil society perspectives and contributions to the emerging vision of revitalized multilateralism;
  • Strengthen relations and policy dialogue between UNDP and civil society at global and country levels;
  • Support UN country team develop platforms that strengthen civic engagement;
  • Facilitate greater participation of civil society in the South in global networks; and
  • Increase the voice of civil society in national development process including the MDGs

 Under the Platform HD2010 NFN will conduct following activities at different levels:

Activity 1.1

  • Mobilize CSOs, women groups, youth groups and media to work with marginalized groups in remote areas;
  • Awareness activities to promote ESC rights of excluded groups and population in remote areas, in the Constitution;
  • Enhance awareness of CA members on ESC issues of disadvantaged groups in remote districts;
  • Awareness raising about public services available to the selected marginalized communities; and
    • Advocacy and campaigning for effective policies related to marginalized/excluded groups at regional and central level.

Activity 1.2

  • A meeting held in NFN to discuss media strategy;
  • Journalists from the districts involved to document status of MDGs locally;
  • Collection of data and production of a MDG fact sheet as quick reference for pertinent data and information;
  • 8 investigative reports based on each MDG goal developed; and
  • Various media campaigns launched.

Activity 1.3

  • Formation of youth coalition and identification of core policy issues for advocacy; and
  • National MDG youth leadership program.

Activity 1.4

  • Training of Trainers on budget accountability monitoring;
    • Regional trainings on budget and policy monitoring and analysis (5 Regions); and
    • Suggestion on the budget to MoF.

Activity 1.5

  • Support effective implementation of existing tracking tools, such as Minimum Condition and Performance Measures (MCPM) to enhance inclusive access to public services;
  • Lobby and advocate to include and improve MDG sensitive tools in MCPM;
    • Positively intervene and support  inclusive, pro-poor, participatory bottom up;
    • Advocate for joint development planning and implementation based on MDG focused VDC plan; and
    • Highlight success stories on MDGs through media.

Activity 1.6

  • CSOs hold regional and national consultations on the Constitution once the draft is out (5 Regions).


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