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Institutionalizing the Achievements of Nepal's Democratic Struggle
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Importance of social accountability in Nepal

Importance of social accountability in Nepal[1]

Nepal, at present, is undergoing profound transition in all spheres of politics, economy and society. At a crossroad of its transformation, it has departed from the traditional practices of governance, but   it is yet to build new rules, institutions and practices. The major hindrance in the road to recovery is the attitudes and behaviour in the political and social spheres that remain unchanged. For many years, Nepal has not lived up to the international standards and practices of governances such as failing to protect the violation of human rights, corruption indices are on the rise etc. Nepal’s peace process and constitution building process appear to be moving nowhere and the present political trends indicate that the political governance in Nepal has fallen uncertainty for more years to come. Particularly, the basic rights of people have been violated to an extreme, depriving people of   basic services for their livelihoods including the violation of human rights and major threats to security. It is needless to point out the inability of the government to utilise the national treasury (just because of conflicting interests of political parties) to provide these services to people.

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