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Immediate Past President's Blog
Deliberation by Dr. Netra Prasad Timsina, President, NGO Federation of Nepal in Informal Thematic Debate of the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Investment in and Financing of Productive Capacities of LDCs

A summary of the text below was presented in the session

11 March 2011, New York

Chairman, panelists and delegates,

Most of the LDCs have not met the target of BPoA for 7 percent growth rate.  Some of the countries of LDCs such as Nepal remain to be in about 3.5 percent annual growth rate, just 50 percent below than the target set.

The investments in LDCs have not been diverted to inclusive, equitable and sustained economic growth. Unless the investments in and financing to development are focused on the productive sectors such as creation of productive employment and essential services for the people, no MDGs can be met.

Deliberation on Interactive Dialogues on UPR Organised by Office of the Prime Minister of Nepal

Rt. Honorable Prime Minister, Chief Secretary and Secretaries of GoN, Excellences, UN team, representative of donors and members of CSOs,

It is my honor to have this opportunity as representative of civil society organizations to share some CSOs’ perspective in protecting and promoting the human rights in relation to the position taken by the government of Nepal through the National Report of Universal Periodic Review submitted to the UN Human Rights Council.

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