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Climate Change and Hindu Kush Himalayan Region

Climate Change and Hindu Kush Himalayan Region

Climate change phenomenon in Nepal

(Presented in South Asian Climate Conference held on 1-2 January 2011, organized by ANPFa and SAAPE)

Netra Prasad Timsina


Climate change is the negative effect of human induced activities and greed of the people in planet and makes our planet unlivable. In recent years, Nepal is experiencing visible impact of climate change on agriculture, biodiversity, health, tourism, infrastructure and water resources.

This paper describes the recent climate change phenomenon in Nepal as visible evidences in climate variability particularly in temperature and rainfall have been observed in Nepal which have resulted into a number of climate disasters. It also analyses some impacts particularly in agriculture sector. At the latter part of this paper, it brings the arguments as the climate change is an issue of political economy as the changes in temperature and rainfall, the major variables of climate change, directly related to the production and consumption pattern of society rather than the normal climatic phenomenon that naturally changes over time.

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