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 Interactive discussion session

On 19 June, NGO Federation of Nepal organized an interactive discussion session on Draft National Report on Implementation of 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development in Nepal. The event was held at Hotel Aryal International, in Kathmandu.

In the light of High-Level Political Forum to be convened by the United Nations under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council, between 10th and 19th July 2017 in the United States; Government of Nepal, together with 43 other member states, has volunteered to present the national voluntary reviews to the forum. For this purpose, National Planning Commission of Nepal has produced a preliminary draft report on the review of implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in the country.

On this backdrop, the discussion programme was summoned with an aim provide constructive feedback and inputs on the report from CSOs perspectives. Accordingly, the session was attended by representatives of civil society organizations working on different themes of SDGs. Altogether 60 participants (male - 40, female - 20) were present in the event.

The proceedings of the session were carried out informally as chaired and moderated by Mr. Gopal Lamsal – the President of NGO Federation of Nepal; followed by a succinct presentation on the report by Dr. Narayan Poudel – Programme Director at National Planning Commission, and comments and remarks by the participants on the structure, contents, processes, methodology, volume, including lexical precision of the report. The participants provided their general as well as specific comments and suggestions that needed to be incorporated in the report. Such comments largely included issues left out, yet related to different goals, targets and indicators of Sustainable Development Agenda.

Having listened to the participants, Dr. Poudel responded to their concerns and assured that their feedback and comments, as much as possible, would be incorporated in the revised report. At the same time, he clarified that since the report demands highlighting on the general scenario of the implementation of SDGs in Nepal in a period of one year from the beginning of 2016 to May 2017; it won't be feasible to include each and every nuanced details of the issues raised therein. He, however, assured that these feedbacks could be fully adopted in the upcoming strategies to be formulated and enacted in relation to implementation of SDGs for the remaining period of 13 years.

In addition, Dr. Poudel conversed on the problems and challenges in implementation of SDGs in the context of restructuring of the state. These included funding gap, ambiguities in the functioning roles of different layers of the government, weak database system, over-ambitious domestic targets and indicators, and inability to prioritize some of the SDGs goals, among others.

In the mean time, he appealed CSOs to take stake of the processes of SDGs implementation in the country and assured that NPC is ever willing to embrace all groups of stakeholders in this process.

Following the remarks by Dr. Poudel, NFN President delivered his closing remarks. Mr. President urged NPC to recognize the roles of CSOs in the mechanisms and processes of SDGs implementation in the country in the upcoming days.

The two-hour long session was adjourned having discussed and agreed on the agendas set prior.