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NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) has called up a meeting with coordination meeting of Nepal SDG Forum members on 13th December 2018, in its office premises. There were 33 participants (male- 21, and female- 9) representatives from different federation, alliances, such as FECOFUN, HR Alliance, BBC, FEDWASUN, NFDN, AATWIN, NACEUN, NFIWUAN, INWYN, ACORAB, TI Nepal, RRN, GOGO Foundation, NCE-Nepal, SAAPE, WOREC, Home net Nepal, National Planning Commission Representative well as NFN's central executive members and NFN staffs.

The meeting was facilitated with the sharing and discussion status of SDG implementation status in Nepal. The programme was started with the welcome speech by Mr Jit Ram Lama, NFN President. He formally welcomed all the guests and participants and thanked for contributing their time, knowledge, and skill in the implementation of SDGs in Nepal. He also highlighted on the programme objective and briefly shared background of SDGs. He acknowledged the government work and budget division for SDGs implementation. He further focused on the key message of SDGs "Leave no one behind" and urged all to work keeping this word in mind and work for disadvantaged and marginalized groups to achieve SDGs by 2030.

The programme was followed by paper presentation from NPC and NFN.

Dr. Narayan Raj Poudel, Programme Director, NPC

NPC presented on progress of implementation of SDGs, challenges, potentialities and way forward on behalf of Government. Dr. Narayan Raj Poudel, Programme Director of NPC did the presentation. The content of the presentation was overview of MDGs-this includes our achievement in MDGs and our weak points in achieving MDGs, overviews of SDGs, mainstreaming of SDGs in planning and budgeting system, policy documents prepared by government, institutional mechanism for SDGs implementation, challenges from government side and way forwards. The presentation clearly shows the government activities progress, plan and preparation for the effective implementation of SDGs. The main challenges mentioned by government were like: localization of SDGs in new federal system, lack of disaggregated data, financial gap which includes sustainable job, economic growth and quality of social services, coordination between three levels of government and between government and all other stakeholders and access of new technology was also taken as a challenge by government.

Following the previous presentation Mr. Dillu Prasad Ghimire, Secretary of NFN presents the status of SDG Localization and budget allocation of 4 different district findings. He focuses on status of SDG goal 6 &16 in particular. Where NFN team and Water aid representatives have had meeting with the elected representatives of 14 different rural municipalities of 3 provinces. Ghimire share the draft findings of the meeting.  He highlighted the issues and challenges like level of awareness, political commitment and ownership, function of SDGs steering committee, multi-stakeholder partnership, localization of SDGs, selection of SDGs indicators, gap on national data, need assessment, costing and financial gap, monitoring, reporting and accountability from all sides and enforcement of key massage leave no one behind.

Shantalal Mulmi, NFN Advisor, had shared to question private sector regarding the implementation of SDG. He further added that during review process we should focus on answering the challenges rather than just focusing on challenges itself. We should always discuss on what would be the way forward for combatting challenges.

Many participants such as Tika Dahal, Suma Luitel, BG Thapa, Kedar Khadka, Benumaya Gurung, Gobina Shai, too have shared their organizational status on SDG implementation. 

Dr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada, General Secretary of Human Rights Alliance took the opportunities to share the upcoming campaign for inequality and how the forum could plan for the organizing campaign.

Lastly, Mr. Min Bahadur Shahi, Member of National Planning Commission justified that NPC is with CSOs and Government is not shrinking space of CSOs. CSOs have a feeling that government is ignoring CSOs and its right to association, press freedom, right to information, which is not true. We are in preliminary stage so we are still planning and preparing for strong institutional structure for the effective implementation of people's rights through peoples participation. He informed about the NPC's work centralizing the key massage of SDGs "Leave no one behind". NPC is planning to work on "leave no one behind index". It is in the beginning stage of developing concept note. Focusing on the realization of needs, issues, our perception and behaviors toward others, he mentioned that without realization from our inner heart we cannot achieve any goals and cannot protect, respect and fulfill human rights. Government is in the stage of realization and will improve in the lacking points of implementation. At the end of his remark he urged CSOs to trust on government and work in hand in hand with government.