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Dhulikhel program

NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) has successfully conducted two days National Civil Society Conference along with its 9th National Convention and 24th Annual General Meeting on 30th November and December- 01, 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The National Convention has elected the new executive committee of 47 members under the presidency of Mr. Jit Ram Lama.  During the meaningful gathering  of more than 1000 CSOs leaders, national and international delegates, parliamentarians, policy makers, government officials, United Nations Agencies, Bi-lateral multilateral  agencies, diplomats, representative of International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs), Human Rights Activists,  representatives from federations, media discussed on proper implementation of new constitution, good governance, localization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agendas of human rights,  development effectiveness and various  issues of contemporary agendas of prosperity and sustainable development.

We are in crucial phase of policy formulation in all three tiers of government.  It is imperative for CSOs engagement with different stakeholder, Ministers, National Planning Commission, National Law Commission, Bureaucrats, Law maker, Political Parties in order to sensitize, influence in formulating, amending and enacting CSOs friendly Laws and policy. So, in order to make a uniformed voice of CSOS in particular this meeting was being organized.

NFN has always been and continue organizing series of consultation and pertinent literature review, facilitated series of meeting and consecutive discussion among CSOs Network organization and prominent civil society leaders to have a common understanding and undertaking of CSOs movement to achieve CSOs friendly law and policies in coming days.

 Recently NFN after having series of consultation with different federation and alliance it has developed a draft of position paper and NGO Roadmap. The document and have a uniformed understanding regarding our position and way forward NFN shared it in all provinces during the Province Civil Society Conference during April and May 2018.

During the province conference NFN representative shared and discussed on joint position paper and NGO roadmap and collated suggestion and feedback regarding the same from CSOs, networks, alliances and other stakeholders to integrate their suggestion for finalizing the documents.  After the province conference NFN organized consultation at national level to share suggestion and feedback provided from Province to have broader discussion for developing final document of joint position paper and NGO roadmap. The consultation was conducted among the participants and representatives from different federation, CSOs coalition network, prominent CSOs leaders.

Under the new leadership, NFN seeking for developing the solid ground work to make CSOs movement more collective and effective manner.