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A thematic workshop on Localization of SDG 16 successfully conducted in Kathmandu on 14th May. The workshop was conducted to find the new indicators, analyze the stakeholders and find the gaps in the implementation and localization of SDG 16. Mr. Ram Prasad Subedi, secretary general at NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) hosted the workshop. Mr. Arjun Bhattarai, secretary at NFN delivered welcome remarks to the guests and participants in the workshop. Mr. BB Thapa, the executive director, NFN, shared the objective of the program. He said that the workshop was expected to form a network that will advocate in localization of SDG 16 in Nepal.

Dr. Madhusudhan Bhattarai, program manager at National Planning Commission (NPC), delivered a short presentation on Pursuits of the SDGs Targets and Indicators in Nepal. He mentioned that NPC has started to separate scoring and weighting for SDG 16 targets at preparing the federal budget, expenditure framework (MTEF), and also for 15th Periodic Plan (5 years plan).

Mr. Jitram Lama, President, NFN shared a presentation on how can CSOs play an effective role to ensure SDG 16 and its localization in all the local councils. He requested the participants to review the global indicators and think what should be added in the context of Nepal. The group work will be focused on analyzing the existing indicators and finding the new indicators if needed. "NFN aims at organizing a Global Summit in Nepal on SDG 16", Mr. Lama stated. 

In the workshop, the participants were divided into five different groups to discuss Gap Identification in SDG 16, Stakeholder Analysis and Future Strategies for SDG 16. The recommendations and feedback collected out of the workshop on the targets and indicators of SDG 16 will be handed over to the National Planning Commission as a reference to incorporate in their upcoming plans and policies. 

In the closing ceremony of the workshop, Mr. Kedar Khadka, Executive Director at Gogo Foundation said that proper implementation of existing indicators on SDG 16 should be prioritized by all the stakeholders rather than creating new indicators. He further mentioned that the government of Nepal has to legitimize the data collected by civil society. Ms. Indu Tuladhar, Women Rights Activists and Advocate expressed her opinion on how to localize indicators of SDG 16.  

The chief guest of the closing ceremony, Honorable Min Bahadur Shahi, a member at NPC said that 15 periodic plan has prioritized the achievement of SDGs' targets and indicators. He mentioned that the country progress report of SDG 16 is under process and NPC is planning to bring leave no one behind national index framework to achieve the targets and indicators of SDGs.