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NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) conducted a lobby meeting with the Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN) regarding building a common action plan for civil society movement. The meeting was conducted at NFN office on 7th August 2019. Mr. Jitram Lama, president at NFN welcomed the representatives from AIN members in the meeting with warm greetings. He further shared the objective of the meetings. Mr. Lama said that to create better spaces for the civil society organizations, AIN and NFN must take joint campaigns and initiations. He further mentioned that CSOs have been following the rule of law and we always respect the law of the nation and follow them accordingly. As the government is building acts against the rights that are ensured in the constitution, CSOs must take action against it. "We don’t want to be controlled by the government|", said Mr. Lama. He also shared that one of the agendas of the meeting was the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs week will be celebrated by organizing thematic SDGs focused event. "We are planning to share the joint CSOs report and declaration at the UN General Assembly to be held in New York in September 2019", he said.


Mr. Shiva Poudel from AIN shared his thoughts in image building. He said that self-regulation and following the code of conduct is the must for all the CSOs. He also proposed to conduct a public dialogue and interaction program with the media and other stakeholders. Mr. Umesh Bishwakarma, secretary at NFN suggested taking the collaboration of NFN and AIN to provincial level as well. He further said that we should work together based on the spirit of the bot federations. Mr. Govinda Neupane, member of AIN steering committee focused to work at the operational level as well. Mr. Ram Prasad Subedi, secretary-general at NFN said that both the federations should stand together for the mutual benefits and rights of CSOs. Mr. BB Thapa, Executive Director, NFN shared his thoughts in image building. He said that CSOs must be transparent and accountable enough to advocate for good governance. He also shared that NFN has created a document that is helpful to clarify the minimum standard of CSOs that focuses on good governance practice. He also requested to the participants in the meeting to conduct a join public dialogue that will address the image building issue. Ms. Bhawana Bhatta, secretary, NFN said that conducting joint action should be the priority of both organizations.


Mr. Ramjee Karki, governance specialist at World Vision requested to clear the misunderstanding between the NGOs and INGOs. He further focused on building trust and clear communication between these two organizations. Mr. Dillu Ghimire urged everyone to have a frequent meeting and finalize the position paper.

Mr. Achyut Luitel, chairperson, AIN said that CSOs must maintain accountability. He said that INGOs are not the competitors of NGOs, in fact, they are the partners and they have to work together for the betterment of the society.