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A Multi-Stakeholder Policy Dialogue on Disaster Risk Management Policies and Learning was successfully conducted in Kathmandu on 5 September 2019. Mr. BB Thapa, executive director of NFN shared the objectives of the dialogue. He said that the dialogue aims to discuss the existing policies on disaster risk management in Nepal and the role of civil society organizations to make those policies implemented. Mr. Jitram Lama, president at NFN shared that the dialogue would be a platform to discuss the existing DRRM policies and their implementation status. 
Mr. Dillu Prasad Ghimire, the secretary at NFN delivered his presentation on Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Policies in Nepal and their Implementation. He said that there are 39 Acts, 15 Manuals and 25 Guidelines on DRM in Nepal. He further stated that though there are Acts and Guidelines for DRM, it has not implemented as expected. Mr. Bushnu Prasad Subedi from National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) shared the progress of NRA in reconstruction and rehabilitation. He said that the authority has been working with its partner organizations on education, health, economic and social issues. Advocate Nirmal Kumar Upreti delivered a brief presentation on reconstruction after the Gorkha Earthquake 2015. 
The dialogue was wrapped with the message that Civil Society Organizations, Governments, and private sectors must come together to implement the existing policies and Acts on DRM to minimize the loss from future disasters.