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Civil Society organizations committed to implement the Minimum standard for governance and self-regulation 2076 and CSOs Position paper 2076 during a meeting called by NGO Federation of Nepal on 25th February 2020.  NFN District chapters from Kathmandu Valley, various federations, networks and non-governmental organizations agreed that the minimum standard for governance and self-regulation for CSOs is an utter need and it should be implemented broadly to uplift the governance and self-regulation system of the CSOs.

NFN's Karnani province and Sudur Paschim province committee launched the Minimum standard for governance 2076 and CSOs Position paper 2076 in their respective provinces during the last week of February. The documents were launched among the province policy/ law makers, province district chapters, province committee of various federations, CSOs and media. Members of the Social Development Province Assembly Committee, Province Assembly members, representatives of Office of the Attorney General, Secretary of the Social Development Ministry were briefed on the CSOs position paper and were requested to not shrink CSOs space in the provincial level and bring CSO friendly policies in the provinces. They listened to the demand of CSOs and committed to bring out the provincial level policy/laws in line to the CSOs position paper 2076.